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Understanding Retail Media, where it’s been, where it’s going and how Retailers can succeed.

According to WARC, Retail Media is to be the fastest growing channel in 2023. In the US, this year, 20% of digital ad spend is to shift to Retail Media. At Kamino Retail, we strongly believe that the Retail Media market needs a maximum of agility, innovation, and transparency to be, more than a trend, a durable source of value creation.

Kamino Retail has been created to provide Retailers with the best-in-class tech platform, aimed to build their independence while fostering internal sales with original cutting-edge solutions. The time has come for Retailers to reverse the stack with dedicated tools and strengthen their partnerships with Brands & Agencies.

Tech  & Media expertise from Retail Media pioneers

Elie Aboucaya

Cofounder & co-CEO

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Retail Media entrepreneur, International, Media, AdTech, Digital, Investor

Elie is a senior executive with 20 years of professional experience with media, digital advertising, retail media and technology. After working at leading media agencies such as WPP and Dentsu Aegis, Elie cofounded Storetail in 2014, the first Retail Media adserver that was acquired 5 years later by Criteo. Focused on generating and maximizing revenue for Retailers, he then helped Criteo to develop its Retail Media business globally.

Marianne Schneider

Cofounder & co-CEO

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Retail Media, AdTech, Partnership Development, Innovation

Marianne brings more than 20 years of experience in the digital marketing and advertising industry. Marianne has been involved in the management and strategic growth of RTB,programmatic and Retail Media channels.Marianne has worked with some of the world's leading Ad Exchanges and tech platforms including 24/7 Media and Criteo. Marianne has spent the last decade of her career helping Retailers achieve substantial revenue lift with their Retail Media stack.

Emmanuel Valette

Cofounder & CTO

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Retail Media, Backend, Infrastructure, Problem-solving

Emmanuel is a DevOps enthusiast with 10+ years experience working with infrastructure automation, system integrations, DevOps, and security management. Emmanuel came from BackMarket where he was the Staff Engineer right after having led the Engineering Development of Storetail and Criteo Retail Media. He has several technical certifications for Engineering Architecture, JavaScript, Python and MySQL.

Samir Daoud

Cofounder & CPO

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Retail, Adserver, DSP & SSP, Agile Project Management

As the head of product development, Samir brings over one decade of experience in the AdTech and Retail Media industry to the table. With a strong focus on customer needs and team collaboration, he seamlessly transforms creative ideas into innovative solutions. After Xaxis, Storetail and Criteo, his last experience was at Boxy, a retail industry start-up that creates fully automated stores, opened 24/7, at everyone's doorstep.

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